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Time: September 5th, 6PM Pacific (8pm Central/9pm Eastern)
Location: Happens right here
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes


Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka helps you to live the life of your dreams by showing you how to consciously be aware of your personal emotions, your environment and negative energy patterns. She’ll give you the tools that’ll help you let go of that pattern and allow universal energy to come in. Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, and an acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, with her new vibrationally enhanced conscious music album scheduled to debut soon!

Here’s what will be covered in today’s online session with Rikka Zimmerman:

  • You’ll understand why we are actually in total control of our own life and energy (Knowing this will totally shift your life to the better)
  • Learn the exact way of identifying and letting go of negative pattern that is blocking your way from achieving the life you always dream of
  • You’ll know what to do to allow positive energy to harmonize with your body and allow the universe to enter your life
  • You will understand why spiritual alignment with your body is actually more important than you thought
  • How to tap onto your intentions and let it show you the way to a more fulfilling life
  • Learn the exact steps on what you can do to minimize problems from entering your life
  • How you can master the steps of measuring the results of consciousness healing
  • And much more…

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